Bring Cosmotrons to your home, mancave, business, or arcade with our Cosmotrons Hard Drive and Cosmotrons Console options. Cosmotrons is designed for making players yell, celebrate, and experience multiplayer memories! Up to four Cosmonauts pilot their spacecraft in battle against each other and gravity through dangerous territories! Recruits are needed to join the battle now!


The Cosmotrons Hard Drive and Cosmotrons Console options allow you to create the type of multiplayer gaming experience you desire!  Both options bring you the full Cosmotrons arcade software which can be used for home AND business purposes.

Both options work with your coin-op needs (ex: Coins, Bill Acceptors, Swipe Readers, Free Play). Numerous gameplay settings allow you to tweak Cosmotrons for your location.   Visit our store for more info and to buy now!

Contact us to help you determine what Cosmotrons product is best for you! Cosmotrons has been designed and developed in Wisconsin, USA by Arcadeaholics LLC.



Every pilot for themselves!  Be the last surviving pilot at the end of a chaotic battle to gain the territory.


Two teams battle against each other to control territories either by destroying their opponents or completing the objective of raising their flag. In Team Mode partners share lives and fuel.

Be the Boss

This is like a boss battle but one pilot gets to be the boss! One pilot controls the overpowered Juggernaut ship and the other players team up in an attempt to destroy them.

Single Player

In single player mode space pilots can explore territories, practice flight and shooting skills, and participate in timed speed runs.

Which spaceship are you? There are 7 unique spaceships to choose from which all have a different feel and have different abilities. The Noob provides new players with an anti-crashing shield and anti-gravity thrusters. Do not chase the Squid because it shoots out of its butt…. Er… I mean the rear end. Watch out for the Beast as it rams through others. The crazy people can stick to the crooked flying, but fuel-efficient, Jalopy. Don’t forget to pick up your downed pilots to gain firepower and reduce the charge time of your special shot!

20+ dangerous territories are there for you to explore and battle in including lunar surfaces, underground alien structures, active volcanic hot spots, caverns with falling stalactites, and more. Gravity is just as dangerous as your enemies as it always tries to pull you towards impending doom, on some terrains not always in the same direction. Skillful piloting is necessary to survive.

Piloting of your spaceship requires fuel. Either defeat all your enemies in a territory before your fuel depletes or choose to find and collect fuel resources throughout the territories during battle. But be careful, collecting fuel resources is dangerous and often leaves you vulnerable!

In Cosmotrons, the piloting of your spaceship itself is fun and very rewarding. Control is tight, allowing for trick aerial maneuvers and pixel perfect ship placement in dangerous areas. Planning ahead of where you want your spaceship to go is necessary as you account for gravity and inertia.

Get out there and join the battle! Don’t let gravity bring you down!


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