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Version Number: 1.0.5

Date Released: 7/30/2018


  • Balance Changes
  • Gameplay Related
  • Operator Related


Balance Changes:

  • Juggernaut acceleration slightly increased
  • Additional 1 sec added to ship invincibility time when NOT pressing shoot, pressing fire reduces the invincibility to the original amount or cancels it if that time has already passed.


Gameplay Related:

  • Win condition screen modified
  • VS, Team, Boss, and Single Player transition screens modified
  • “New Race 4” map renamed to “Bouncy Boulevard” and received its own map voting image
  • Juggernaut ship now drops small debris on impacts to more clearly show it took damage
  • “Be the Boss” mode now available in coin-op mode
  • “Single Player” mode renamed to “Target Practice: Single Player”
  • Single Player carousel reorganized so maps are in order from easy to hard
  • Backgrounds added to a couple maps that did not have them
  • Sound effect added:  Button press when on-screen bullet capacity has been reached
  • Sound effect added:  Beast melee
  • Sound effect added:  Additional bassy sound effect during a bullet death
  • Adjusted some sound effect volumes to make them easier to hear
  • Cosmobuster description fixed
  • Voice over added when trying to play the game with no credits
  • Mouse cursor made invisible when game is playing
  • Added ability to back out of choices on player select in coin-op mode
  • Moved “Press Shoot to Join” on player select to be more visible
  • Updated noob ship detail to encourage new players to use that ship
  • Renamed ship difficulties, again hoping to encourage new players to use the noob ship


Operator Related:

  • Credit pool now an option
  • Settings menu cleaned up and re-organized
  • Current machine credits restored after restart
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