by cosmotrons

Version Number: 1.1.0

Date Released: 9/24/2018


  • Balance Changes
  • Gameplay Related
  • Operator Related

Balance Changes:

  • New Map: Divide & Conquer! This was a fan submission in a contest held at Midwest Gaming Classic 2018!
  • Fixed an issue that stopped the player from firing already fully charged shot if they ran out of fuel after charging

Gameplay Related:

  • Revamped player select screen
  • Added option to “Go Back” to each carousel menu on player select
  • Changed controls on all menus so that thrust also makes selections
  • Now after the player is done selecting team, ship, and charge shot they are spawned into the player select screen and can practice flying and shooting
  • After a short period, enemy ships are spawned for the player to shoot
  • If the player runs low on fuel, a fuel is spawned for them to be able to practice acquiring
  • Modified the controls transition screen to better state the controls to the user. This screen can be skipped by pressing multiple buttons quickly
  • Tweaked warp in sound effect

Operator Related:

  • None


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