by cosmotrons

Version Number: 1.2.0

Date Released: 8/19/2019



  • Balance & Map Changes
  • Gameplay Related
  • Miscellaneous
  • Operator Related


Balance & Map Changes:

  • Beast ship turn speed slightly increased
  • Bouncy pads added to Triton Volcano and Quad Cave maps
  • Bouncy pads enlarged and some repositioning on UnoDashUno and Warp Station maps

Gameplay Related:

  • Ships emit smoke from their nose when their on-screen-bullet-capacity has been reached.  The sound effect for button presses during this has changed as well.
  • Humans jump higher and float at their peak a bit thus are easier to pick up
  • Picking up a human cuts the special shot charge time in half, AND does it again if you get another human (it also adds normal bullets as it did prior)
  • On explosion, ships will drop however many humans were inside of it (ex:  So if you picked up 2 humans, on explosion your ship will drop 3 humans!)
  • After 60 seconds of gameplay, only one fuel will spawn
  • When shot with an EMP, a player can “jumpstart” their ship and gain control if they tap the buttons enough times
  • The lightning frequency has been reduced
  • Initials can now be entered for fast times in Single Player
  • The sprites for the targets and beacons in single player have changed
  • The sound effect for Single Player beacon touching has changed


  • Added “CHOOSE” on the main menu for when choosing a game mode
  • Debris goes flying and a different sound effect plays when making game mode choices on the main menu so it is clearer to the user they have selected something
  • Some additional voice over phrases added
  • Skipping the controls information takes fewer button presses

Operator Related:

  • Option to zero out credits added
  • Renamed some things in the settings menu


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