by cosmotrons

Version Number: 1.3.1

Date Released: 11/5/2019


  • Balance & Map Changes
  • Gameplay Related
  • Miscellaneous
  • Operator Related

Balance & Map Changes:

  • New mode! Casual mode. In this mode the player is able to get into the action much faster. Great for new players. Players are automatically put into multiplayer vs. mode.
  • New map! Lava Burps.
  • Changed lava on Triton Volcanoes.
  • Resolved issue with Divide and Conquer where lightning was spawning too often.

Gameplay Related:

  • Updated noob shield to better indicate the direction the ship is facing.
  • Halved Juggernaut charge time.


  • Removed option from “Team Select” menu to exit to the main menu.
  • Added option for all players to hold “right rotation” to exit player select menu and choose what mode they want to play.
  • Added indicator to the player select “practice mode” to better inform the player.
  • Added more voice over.

Operator Related:

  • Added option to increase the bullet speed.


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